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Butterfly Walk at Rolling Thunder and Medora Prairies on July 2 with Harlan Ratcliff. This is nothing formal, and it is not affiliated with any particular group. This is a “non-consumptive” event— the goal is to watch or photograph butterflies, not collect them. Meet at Rolling Thunder Prairie at 9:30 am, then move to Medora Prairie at 10:30 am. Both prairies have some rare butterfly species, but especially we may be able to see the magnificent regal fritillary. This is a large butterfly, about the size of a monarch, and it is found only on prairies. The likelihood of seeing one fly past is high, and if we are really lucky, we might see one settle down and get close enough for a good look. Rolling Thunder Prairie: 22392 80th Ave New Virginia, IA There is a small parking area on the south edge of the site. If there is overflow parking, it would be on the gravel road. Medora Prairie: From Rolling Thunder Prairie we will go south to G76 (a little over a mile), east about two miles to 90th Ave, then north two miles to Tyler Street. Go east on Tyler Street, and near the top of the hill there is a minimum maintenance road called 95th Ave. If the road is dry and the vehicle you are in has adequate ground clearance it will be possible to park on that road. Otherwise parking is on the gravel road. Medora prairie has a couple of things that Rolling Thunder Prairie does not—high populations of butterfly milkweed, and the previously mentioned minimum maintenance road. Both are highly attractive to butterflies. So come along, dress appropriately, bring plenty of water, and join the butterfly chase. Harlan Ratcliff Phone: 515 681 1402 (cell)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28: Mushroom Forays in Decatur County. Tentative: depending on weather. Details to follow.

Next SIOSA board meeting

Thursday, August 4. Time and place to be announced.


Welcome to the website of The Southern Iowa Oak Savanna Alliance (SIOSA). We are a non profit organization involved in the preservation and conservation of Iowa’s oak savanna and prairie ecosystem.


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