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Two For Lands Sake! upcoming tours:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday, Sept. 25, 2:00 PM--Jack and Bobbi Kennedy Tour: located at 2623 Cumming rd., approximately 5 miles east of Hwy 169. We'll tour a 6 acre prairie reconstruction/restoration begun in the 70's with an initial CRP installation. We will then visit the 10 acre woodland where 12 goats owned by the Kennedys are reducing invasives. A Goats on the Go representative will be present to discuss owning, leasing, and managing goats for restoration/management purposes. Parking available on driveway edges if not muddy. Come dressed for the weather, bring travel mugs/bottles, and have lots of questions.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, October 8, 9:00-noon--Dr. Jesse Randall property between Boone and Ames. Specific directions to follow. Carpooling available. We'll tour 8 years' worth of annual incremental streamside revetment practices. Dr. Richard Schultz will be present, as well. (One member of the ISU Capstone teaching duo). Information about where to find technical assistance and cost share will be discussed. The above FLS! tour will be held rain or shine, wih the exception of severe weather. Dress for the weather. Please contact Nancy Forrest at 462-1142 if you have questions or want to confirm transportation.

Next SIOSA board meeting

Thursday, August 4. Time and place to be announced.


Welcome to the website of The Southern Iowa Oak Savanna Alliance (SIOSA). We are a non profit organization involved in the preservation and conservation of Iowa’s oak savanna and prairie ecosystem.


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